Your Pets are Welcome

Your Pets are Welcome

At Hotel Oro Verde Manta we offer an option for your pet, for more information please contact us at when booking your room.
We know that pets are part of the family and their presence does not need to be incompatible with your vacations, this is the reason why Hotel Oro Verde Manta opens their doors to guests with pets. For the good coexistence with person who DO NOT have pets we have this policy:
-Hotel Oro Verde Manta admits only one pet at room, always under reservation and confirming availability.
-The stay of the pet has a cost of $50 per day, always that guest has accepted our conditions on payment.


We ask pet’s owners to respect the coexistence with the rest of our guests following this standards:
-When entering or leaving the hotel, dog must be with its belt, on arms or with a transportation box.
-Pets cannot be at common areas of the hotel (Restaurant, Gourmet Deli, Spa)
-It can be at Restaurant’s pergola or Gourmet Deli’s Pergola if it is tied and without bothering other costumers.
-Never leave the hotel leaving your pet alone in room.
-Do not allow that pet climb to bed, sofas, etc. And if it is their custom, we ask to protect our furniture with a sheet of your own. If you want to dry or clean their feet after a walk, do not use hotel’s towel, please ask us for special towels.
- At our gardens pets without leash are not allowed. You can use green zones outside the hotel as area for their needs. The owners are responsible of picking up their pet’s needs according Municipal Ordinances.
-Your pet must have all the medical certifications that confirm all the vaccines.
-The owner is responsible of damages and cleanliness of rooms. Charges may apply to your credit card in case of damages of furniture, disorder or hygiene problem.
-Guest is responsible of noises that mascot may make and it will assure that it do not interrupt or affect the tranquility of other guests. If the hotel determines that pet affects other guests, hotel may ask for the pet to be host outside the hotel. Hotel Oro Verde has the right in any time to end client’s stay if pet bothers to other guests or costumers without reclamation nor compensation to client.
-When our staff proceeds to clean the room or any other service, pet must be retired from room o it has to be inside its transportation bag.
-Hotel Oro Verde Manta is not responsible for fights or bites that the pet can make to other guests or other pet, this has to be covered by pet’s owner.
-Hotel Oro Verde Manta is not responsible for any bite or infections made by bugs that can suffer your pets.
A well trained dog is a good company for any trip, but in spite of your trust to your pet, be aware that you are changing its environment and it can react unpredictably.
Do not forget to take
-A blanket/towel or pet’s bed for sleeping at room. The smell will tranquilize a strange environment.
-Food, Water and Receipts. You cannot always find foods that pet likes when traveling.
-Bags for picking up it needs.
-Pet’s documentation. Is recommendable that you can have a badge with your phone in case of lost or scape.
-Necklace and Leash.
-If your pet has the habit of jumping to the couch, sofa, etc bring a blanket to protect the furniture of hairs and dirty.

When arriving

-Before entering hotel o restaurants is recommended to walk with your pet so he can make its needs.
-Dogs like to mark it territory but not allow to make it in the entrance or at room.
-You must have your pet cleaned, you do not have to use hotel’s towel nor the bathtub for washing it. If you need to dry it or cleaning ask for towels at Front Desk.
-In case that your stay occurs at the same time with guests that have phobia, fears or allergies make all the possible for your pet won’t be a bother. Relax of our guests will be considered as main purpose for hotel.
-We will let you know areas designed where pets can make their needs and they must be picked up at internal or external areas.